Bamboo Baby Washcloths for your Face!

Bamboo Baby Washcloths for your Face?

What?, you may ask. Yes, you heard correctly, Bamboo Baby Washcloths for your Face! Ivy & Ember made by Trusted by Mothers are silky soft 100% organic bamboo washcloths that are not only for newborns! According to their listing, these washcloths will do wonders for both your hands & face. SILKY SOFTNESS – Because our […]

Dark Circles

Bags, Puffiness and Dark Circles

Bags, Puffiness, and Dark Circles…the three things you see when you look in the mirror! That sounds like something the Great Karnak would say. At the same time, it could be our daily reality. What are the causes of these three unwelcome maladies? Long hours at work Little to no sleep Hereditary/Genetics From as young […]