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Catwalk Ready: The Top 8 Makeup Trends for 2020

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has not been the year any of us were expecting. 

With most of us spending more time at home than ever before, an increasing desire to try out new makeup looks is growing. Good thing the beauty gurus, makeup artists, and celebrities aren’t holding anything back when it comes to experimenting with makeup.

This year you can expect to see more bright colors, bold looks, and peachy sunkissed skin — taking a step back from the dramatic contour trends of the past. 

2020 is an exciting time for the beauty world. What we deem trendy now will set the stage for the next decade, so let’s make it good! Read on to discover the top makeup trends of 2020, and how you can recreate them. 

1. Colorful Eyeshadow 

This year you can expect to see makeup looks that focus on accentuating the eyes.

We’re not talking a big slab of pink eyeshadow on your lid, but a soft blend of bright colors to enhance your natural features. Don’t be afraid to move the shape of your eyeshadow beyond your lid, the more shaped it is the more flattering the look. 

Another popular trend in 2020 is the watercolor eye. Achieve this look by pairing contrasting colors together and blending them to form a color pop smoky eye. You can choose one color for your inner eye, another for the center, and another for your outer eye. 

This look as been seen at runways shows like Christian Siriano, and on celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Hunter Schafer for the popular show Euphoria.  

2. Dramatic Blues 

From eyeshadow to lipsticks, you can expect to see different shares of blue everywhere this year. Even the classic blue lid from the ’90s is making a comeback in our 2020 makeup trend collection. 

The popularity of the blue pallet is no surprise considering that Pantone announced classic blue as the 2020 color of the year late last year. Pantone stated that this color inspired feelings of peace — something we’d later learn that we’d need in 2020.    

So how does this translate into wearable makeup looks? You can play around with the colors as you’d like. Consider a blue cat-eye, classic blue lid, or even a blue lip for an unexpected look perfect for the summertime. 

3. Floating Eyeliner 

The floating eyeliner trend was originally made popular by Twiggy in the 1960s and is now resurfacing to become the staple trend of summer 2020. 

Achieving this look is as simple as it can be. Start by drawing a normal cat-eye across your lash line, then add another line across the crease of your eyelid. Finish by connecting the two lines on the outer corner of your eye and you’re all set with this cool-girl-no-effort look.

To make this look your own you can play around with different eyeliner colors, or even recreate this look with an eye shadow shade of your choice.     

4. Excentric Lashes 

Over the past decade, we’ve been committed to our trusted black and brown mascara looks. In 2020, crazy bright lashes are on the rise and it’s time to experiment!

Colorful lashes are a true statement, and a relatively simple one to implement into your makeup routine. Swap out your black mascara for a pastel lavender or hot pink mascara that will add a pop of color to a minimal makeup look. If you feel like this is too much for you, you can jump on the blues trend and try a deep blue mascara instead. 

5. Plump Blushed Cheeks  

Put down your bronzer and highlighter because dramatic contour is now a thing of the past. This year pink blush and glowing flushed skin is the look we’re after.

This sweet and pretty makeup trend is the perfect way to give yourself a sunkissed look, without damaging your skin in the sun. To achieve this look grab some pink blush and sweep it across your cheekbones and temples.

To achieve a runway version of this look, use your blush as an eyeshadow as well. This monochrome look screams pink, peachy, and girl — all the things we love for the summer. 

6. Neon Eyes

Now we know that the word ‘neon” can be a bit off-putting, but this 2020 makeup trend has given a minimalist twist to the otherwise too extra neon eye. 

Instead of sweeping a neon shadow over your entire lid, try putting a little bit of neon in the inner corners of your eyes for a brightening look. You can even try a neon or white top liner for an extra pop of color. This trend pairs perfectly with the classic no-makeup makeup look.  

7. Pretty in Pink Glossy Stained Lip 

Yes, it’s true that the 2020 makeup trends primarily focus on eye makeup, but don’t you worry, the lips have not been forgotten. 

This year’s emphasis on bold eyes has paved the way for the glossy bitten stained lip. This look is just understated enough to pair well with all of the bold eye looks we’ve been seeing so it’s not surprising that this trend is surfacing everywhere.    

All you need to achieve this look is a lip stain and gloss. Lip stains give you a low-maintenance dreamy look that pairs perfectly with clear gloss and a bold eye. 

8. Skincare + Makeup Hybrids  

We can’t talk about makeup without talking about skincare, am I right? 

With more and more people thinking about the ingredients in their makeup, there is an increasing demand for makeup products that are also good for your skin. In 2020, and in the decade to come, you can expect to see more brands formulating foundations and bb creams that also treat your skin.

What 2020 Makeup Trends Are You Most Excited to Try?  

2020 has definitely been a year for the books. With so much time at home this year, many people are turning to self-care as a form of stability and taking this time to experiment. 

Did you enjoy learning about the top makeup trends of 2020? If you’re ready to try some of these looks for yourself check out our product suggestions in the links above.  


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