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Fashion Guide for Short Women

First things first, by short women, we mean those women who are 5’4” and under. Secondly, while these ladies may be referred to as “petite size,” that word has a connotation with meaning someone who is short and slim. In reality, people can be petite, but still, have a variety of body types. Some petite women are short and slender, others are short and have an hourglass figure, and still, others are short and plus-size. Therefore, the petite’s section at a department store can be a bit misleading. No wonder so many short women have trouble finding clothes that fit their figure!

Here is a fashion guide for short women. It will cover everything from dressing for your body type to dressing for your height, as well as using footwear to your advantage. Now, let’s get started!

Get Comfortable with Your Stature

If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace your stature and learn to love it. Fashion can be a mystery for everyone, not just those who are on the shorter side. The important thing is to know which silhouettes work best for your particular body shape. So, let’s get into it.

For those who are short and have lots of luscious feminine curves, it’s a good idea to celebrate your shape while also balancing it out. You’ve got a lot of curves on a shorter body, so it’s best to define the waist with something such as an empire waistline skirt. If you’re going for more volume on the bottom half of the body, go for something more tailored and fitted on top. This way, your body won’t get lost in loads of fabric and your shape will still be tastefully visible.

For petite/short women that have a more hourglass shape, there are plenty of options. The main concern here is to make sure that the outfit is balanced and you don’t look like you’re swimming in the clothes. It is essential for taller and shorter women to stay on top of the hottest fashion trends, they just need to be careful to make it work for their frame.

For instance, maxi dresses are a springtime favorite, but they can overwhelm a petite figure. Look for maxis that are more fitted on top and flare out at the bottom. This creates a nice balance and won’t sacrifice shape. If you’re going for a daring crop top, pair it with some high-waisted shorts or a flowy, high-rise skirt.

How about for those that are short and slender? Shirts that have more volume in the shoulders can create the illusion of more curves. Batwing sleeves are sophisticated and also add some more womanliness to the body. Tops that have some detailing or patterns on the chest can help to fill out the bust area more. Asymmetrical shorts or skirts add a playful edge and more femininity.

Women who are shorter and carry more weight on the top than on the bottom should opt for fitted jackets and blazers that end at the hip rather than the waist. Avoid breast pockets on polos and jackets, as this will only exaggerate a top-heavy figure. Go for A-line skirts and flared trousers to balance out your body shape.

Those that are more bottom-heavy, fitted pieces are your best friend. Go with a “fit-and-flare” silhouette, such as this dress or this pant and sweater combo. If you want to wear prints or patterns, keep them on the top half to balance the smallest and largest parts of your body. A higher waistline will flatter your figure better than having pants or skirts sit at your natural waist. Finally, go for lighter colors on top and darker ones on the bottom.

Use Shoes to Your Advantage

Footwear can be a short girl’s best friend, it’s all about pairing them with the right outfit. As a general rule of thumb, wearing shoes that match the color of your trousers or tights will help to elongate the legs. For example, this high heel and dress pant combo. A classic pair of pumps always looks great, and peep-toe heels also work to lengthen the legs. When looking at shoes, choose ones that don’t have chunky heels or extravagant accessories. This will only weigh down the foot and make you look shorter than you are.

Flats are totally an option for petite women, they should just opt for pointed-toe flats to elongate the legs. Boots should have a taller heel and minimal accents and details. Again, go for a pointed toe for more length.

When shopping for things such as sandals or rain boots, don’t shy away from the kid’s section. Many brands have fashionable and trendy looks for children that could fit you, too. If it saves money and looks just like the adult version, why not?Fashion Guide for Short Women 1

Wear Accessories Strategically

Remember, an overload of accessories can swallow your figure. Oversized bags and chunky belts will do your figure no favors. Instead, choose skinny or narrow belts and keep handbags and clutches on the smaller side. As for jewelry, pendant necklaces fit the theme of lengthening the body, while chokers and chunky pieces can weigh you down. A scarf that hangs loosely around the neck looks way better than one that is wound around the neck or tied in the front.

Tips and Tricks

Generally speaking, petite ladies look better in clothing that has vertical lines. V-necks are also flattering, as is dressing in a similar color from head to toe. Avoid mini skirts and dresses, as this can draw more attention to your short height.