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Fashion Guide for Tall Women

You walk into a room and realize that your frame towers over most of the crowd. What do you do? Shy away from the spotlight and downplay your assets or embrace your length and celebrate what makes you different? Tall women may struggle to fully accept their bodies but the truth is that once they do, it opens a whole new world of style possibilities. Not to mention, the confidence that comes with owning who you are feels so liberating.

Here are some fashion guide style tips for tall ladies. You’ll find everything from how to choose casual clothes to dressing for the office and more.

Understand Your Body Type

Similar to short women’s fashion, Not all tall women are shaped the same and that’s the beauty of it. Clothing can complement the female figure as long as the woman knows how to dress for her body type. For instance, those who are long and lean might have more athletic or boyish builds. They need something that will play up their femininity while embracing their height. A strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline should do the trick. Other options for adding more femininity to your figure include peplum tops and A-line skirts.Fashion Guide for Tall Women 1

For women who are tall and busty, an interesting neckline will help to keep the attention off of your chest. This dress does a nice job of combining coverage and sexiness. The best necklines are V-necks because they won’t weigh down the chest area. Open-front jackets work great too.

Those who have wider hips may have pear-shaped bodies. An off-the-shoulder dress will draw the eye upwards, taking the focus off of the heaviest part of the body. Playing up the upper body will add excitement and give your bottom half a break from all the attention. This top is fitted and has a V-neck to keep the eyes upwards.

For plus-sized ladies, choose something that provides extra coverage where you want it but that will also play up the parts that you want to flaunt. This maxi dress has off-the-shoulder accents and also looks streamlined. This halter top elevates the eye and shows off some skin while the bottom of the shirt falls below the waistline to take the focus off of the booty.

Finally, just about anything works for women with hourglass figures. Play up the curves of the body by choosing a dress that hugs your contours. This long-sleeved cocktail dress will show off the legs while this one is sleek and sexy without showing too much skin.

Wear Great Shoes

When you’re tall, people will always look at your feet so give them something to stare at! Your long legs make it easy for you to show off over-the-knee boots. Even ankle booties will work. Whereas they make shorter gals look even smaller, they’ll break up your silhouette nicely. If you’re not feeling the boots, flats are just fine. They won’t make you look short and you can dress them up to add more flair. This pair is super cute and stylish. And yes, it’s fine to wear heels, especially if they empower you. Just don’t go with six-inch stilettos.

Mix-and-Match Silhouettes

As a tall lady, it’s important to mix up your clothing pieces. A boxy blazer with wide trousers may look too masculine but a fitted jacket with wide-legged pants looks chic. Likewise, a pair of skinny jeans or leggings with a less structured top can be a great choice. It’ll embrace your figure and height without exaggerating it.


Have fun with accessories! Taller women can get away with oversized bags and chunky jewelry. Their height makes up for the volume of the item so it won’t overpower their frames. Tall ladies can also use color to bring attention to parts of their bodies that they love. Maybe it’s your waist or your legs or a long slender neck.

Something that helps is matching your accessories in color or material. For example, try a pair of red shoes with a red clutch. Or maybe look at embellished flats and gold earrings. This strategy adds a more finished look and makes your outfit look cohesive. Just take Coco Chanel’s advice and take one piece off before leaving the house. It’s better to be under-accessorized than piled high with a belt and scarf and hat and jewelry.Fashion Guide for Tall Women 2

Helpful Tips

There are some general tricks and tips that can help any tall woman regardless of her body type or taste in fashion. Focusing on your natural waist is always a good idea. It will bring body balance to the outfit and help to keep your figure from looking boyish. When in doubt, choose a wrap dress or fitted blazer.

For the common tall girl problem of pants that are too short, you can make this look intentional by cuffing the bottoms of the legs and pairing them with a heel. Likewise, three-quarter sleeves on shirts are universally flattering and will save a lot of tall girl aggravation.

Finally, use this fashion guide as just that — a guide. Be yourself and wear clothes that make you feel powerful and beautiful because you are! Be sure to check out the links to the clothing we mentioned here and have fun exploring your new wardrobe.