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Fashion Tips 101: How to Put Together Outfits

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Do you need a stylist to look like those million-dollar models that I see on the cover of Vogue Magazine?
There are celebrities like Diane Keaton and Blake Lively, who always look poised, effortlessly! How do they that? Being in the media industry for so long gave them a sense of fashion style they needed to create their own identity.

What I mean is that you don’t need to buy $1,000 jackets or pumps to look good. It’s all about the colors and pairing the right article! You already know the number one rule of dressing — contrast.

Fashion Tips 101: How to Put Together Outfits 1
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Answer this — you are going on a date and you want to look hot. After trying on everything you have in your closet, you still don’t know what to wear. You call your friend, telling her that you have a fashion crisis. She takes a look at all the clothes strewn around and picks a few pieces from the mess and voilà! You are looking at a perfectly well-put-together outfit.

Following are a few fashion tips that will help you understand how to pair clothes:

Every person has a different style but in order to pull it off, you need to make sure that the pieces go together. Fashion is not just about following the latest trends but also finding out what looks good with what.

The Blend of Winter and Summer

If your love for wearing jackets has no bounds, then here’s a great solution for you — wear strappy tops and pair them with leather or jean jackets. This way, you can maintain your style in winter and summer.

The Preppy Look

For an effortless everyday look, pair cashmere sweaters with waist-high knee skirts. If the cold is your enemy, then wear a sleeveless turtleneck underneath. Pair the outfit with hose and ankle-high boots to complete the look. For the skirts, go for one with a single color and pleats.

Make sure that the color matches the dominant color on the sweater. For that preppy look, tuck in the sweater and you will see a big difference in your outfit.

Sometimes Mix and Then Match

Matching outfit designs is probably your number one strategy when pairing clothes. Here’s a little tip for you — not everything has to match! Sometimes, the color is enough. Whether you are wearing a skirt with a simple shirt or jeans with a tube top, all you need to do is make sure that they belong to the same color family. Match the color of the heels and shirt and choose a skirt that simply matches the design. When in doubt, choose a plain shirt and a stylish skirt.

Breathe New Life into Old Clothes with an Animal Print or Turtleneck

Do you have old clothes that you no longer wear? Here’s a way to reinvent them — use a turtleneck. If you love wearing sleeveless or strappy tops, then a turtleneck will completely change the look of the shirt.

To add a pop of color to plainclothes, use an animal print. However, you need to keep it subtle.

Light Colors Look Great with Black

Black and white are two colors that go well with everything! Pair a simple pleated light-blue skirt with a long sleeves black shirt and knee-high black boots — the schoolgirl look is forever young and is great for springtime.

Do your friends swear by a style that looks absolutely horrendous? Every person has a different style but in order to pull it off, you need to make sure that the pieces go together. Fashion is not just about following the latest trends but also finding out what looks good with what.

Useful Hacks and Tricks for Clothes and Accessories

Now that you know how to pair clothes, let’s have a look at some tips that will completely change your lifestyle and help you make a fashion statement:

  • Afraid your cashmere sweater will be ruined in the washing machine? Wash it by hand and then to dry it quickly, use a salad spinner.
  • Have a red wine stain on your white blouse? Pour some white wine on it and then watch the magic happen.
  • No matter how high the quality of your jeans is, it will shrink after a single wash. So, if you are planning to take your jeans to the tailor, wash it first and try them on to see if it fits.
  • To stop your mohair or angora shirt from shedding, place it in a zip-lock bag and then freeze it for 3 hours.
  • Did you buy clothes from a thrift store? Remove the old smell by spritzing the clothes with two parts water and one part vodka. This works so well because as the alcohol vaporizes, it lifts away the bad odor. This trick is so popular that stars on Broadway use it to freshen up old costumes.
  • Accidently sprayed deodorant on your black shirt? Use the foam wrapped around the hanger to gently rub away the white stain.
  • If you accidentally dropped food on your handbag, don’t panic. Grab baby powder and sprinkle it over the oil stain. Let it sit overnight and then wipe it in the morning with a damp cloth. Repeat this till the stain disappears.
  • Finding well-fitting clothes that you can wear every day can be quite difficult. The secret to finding these beauties is Lycra. For shirts, look for a label that says 5% Lycra and 95% cotton, and for jeans 2% Lycra.
  • When hanging clothes in your closet, arrange them from light to dark, starting from left to right. This way, you will be easily able to pair clothes and remain organized.
  • Have a couple of cashmere pieces in your closet? Find out their quality by stretching them. The ones that snap back are true cashmere and the ones that don’t are of lower-quality.
  • Never wash your swimwear in a washing machine, not even on a gentle cycle! The swimwear will lose its elasticity and not contour to the shape of your body.
  • Fake designer bags can be easily spotted. They are the biggest “don’t” in fashion. However, fake diamonds are the bling that you need. Everything goes well with them.
  • Every person has a different figure type. Some of these include diamond, mermaid, hourglass, etc. If you look at Sofia Vergara, you will see that she always wears dresses that are like a second skin. Her mermaid figure complements this well and shows her curves to the fullest. So, find out what type of clothes suit your figure and then stick to them.
  • After ironing, let the clothes sit for 10 minutes. Wearing them hot actually adds more wrinkles.
  • Don’t know how to flatten your lumpy sweater? Use a pumice stone to de-fuzz it.

And there you have it — fashion advice that we are sure will make your life a lot easier! All you need to do is find out what type of clothes complement your figure well and then you can easily pair clothes using these tips to look your best.

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