How to Shop for Clothes on Amazon

Buy clothes on Amazon…seriously? Well…yeah! You buy other stuff there, so why not clothes? Ladies, it’s our destiny to do so! We’ll show you how to do it well and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Have a Game Plan

Many visitors go straight to Amazon without a game plan, not knowing what they are looking for. Would you be prepared to buy a replacement part for your dishwasher if you did not have the part # and model # of the dishwasher, etc? The answer is obvious.

Well, it’s the same when buying clothes. We need to be prepared. KoomaReebo can help you prepare. You can browse our fashion tips to give you ideas of what you want to purchase.

Look at the ACR

ACR, what’s that you say? Average Customer Reviews (ACR). Have you noticed the yellow stars by items on Amazon? Those are customer reviews. Maybe some of us have written a review or two about products we’ve purchased. At KoomaReebo we also pull into our store the customer reviews on the items we display. While browsing our curated collection of fashion, you’ll begin to notice that 99.9% of items have a minimum 4-star rating!

ACR’s give you the buyer a very good idea about the item and if it is what you want. They are packed with vital information, especially how satisfied or not other customers were with the item. They also give you information about the quality and sizing of the garment. That is very crucial when purchasing fashion online.

But what about Shipping?

The majority of our curated collection ships free from Amazon after you hit a certain dollar amount. But what if you an Amazon Prime Member? Happy dance time! You’ll get unlimited free shipping no matter if you do not reach the dollar threshold. Click here if you want to enroll in a free 30-day trial.

How about Returns?

Another reason to become an Amazon Prime Member is free returns! Plus if you live near a Whole Foods Supermarket which is owned by Amazon, you can drop off your returns there free of charge. No brainer!

No Fear!

So, you are armed and ready to dive into the swimming pool of fashion that Amazon offers! Have no fear, why? Because now you have a game plan and you’ll be prepared to expand your fashion horizons with both KoomaReebo and Amazon at your side!


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