Gadget Guard Radiation Protection Anti-Radiation Rugged Cell Phone Case



ANTI-RADIATION: The only case with patented technology proven to reduce cell phone radiation by 50% while maintaining signal strength. Gadget Guard’s Rugged Case with Alara technology is good for your phone and better for you!
DURABLE DESIGN: Designed to protect your brand new iPhone 11 from falls up to 10 feet, our case is heavy-duty and durable. This tough case is essential for any tech lover or iPhone 11 owner.
RUGGED SHELL: The rugged, durable design makes this case portable and perfect for travel, road trips, and everyday use. You’ll be able to easily slip your phone into pants, coat, or backpack pockets and still have the protection you need.
AESTHETIC ACCESSORY: Add a unique flair to your new iPhone 11 with our boho-inspired case. It’s designed to fit the distinct 2-camera design. The case’s high-quality textured material makes it easy to grip for selfies, texting, and web browsing!
PHONE PROTECTION: Protect your kids from radio-frequency energy. The Gadget Guard Rugged Case with Alara technology protects your phone from drops and accidents and redirects harmful electromagnetic radiation away from the head and body.



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