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Summer Fashion 101 – 9 Tips to Look Effortlessly Stylish This Summer

Summer is probably everyone’s favorite time of the year. There are no responsibilities. It’s just you, relaxing on the beach with some sunscreen on, trying to get a tan! The summer season gives you the opportunity to experiment quite a bit with your wardrobe. While you need to hide your beautiful outfits under massive coats in winters, you can take the opportunity to flaunt them in the heat.

Moreover, this season calls for some great summer fashion styling tips. Many people get confused when it comes to picking summer outfits. They usually get caught up between trying too hard to look effortless and actually looking effortless. In fact, it is rather easy to put together some super-stylish summer outfits that will make you look effortlessly smashing!

So without further ado, here are some summer styling tips:

1. Go Light and Bright

Summers are light, bright, and breezy. Summers are the perfect season to experiment with bright, eye-catching colors. Not only do light colors keep you cooler during the heat, but they also emanate a shiny and cool vibe. Avoid wearing dark colors such as black. Not only do they absorb more heat, but they also give off a dull, wintery vibe. We aren’t telling you to skip out on wearing dark colors completely. If you choose to adorn them, make sure to pair them up with a bright color, such as neon pink or yellow, to complement the summer vibe.

2. Opt For Everything Flowy

A great summer styling tip is to not only think about looking good but also think about feeling good. With the scorching sun shining right at you, wearing something tight and stretchy can be such a big hassle. The summer season calls for super-soft, breezy, and light fabrics that float soulfully in the wind.

Flowy clothing items such as loosely-fitted dresses, tops, kimonos, etc., give off a super-amazing summer feel and vibe and most of all, keep you from getting all hot and sweaty. You can get any light clothing items made from cotton, chiffon, silk or lace since they all are pretty breezy to wear.

3. Off-The-Shoulder Tops and Dresses

It is time to flaunt the gorgeous shoulder blades that you worked so hard on! Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses gained popularity in the clothing industry a few years ago and have still sustained their place. This is because these clothing items look incredibly stylish and give off a super-duper cool and summery vibe. If you invest in a few good off the shoulder tops and dresses, you can expect to wear them year after year without worrying about them going out of style!

4. Opt For a Natural Look

If there is anything worse than forgetting to wear sunscreen on a hot summer day, it is wearing a full face of makeup. Summer is the ideal season to embrace your natural beauty and skin and maybe, get a tan. For this purpose, it is best to go as light and as natural as possible. Avoid putting on thick and dark eyeliner and using dark eye shadows or even dunking your face in a super-heavy foundation. While you can reserve these makeup options for winters or other seasons, it is better to stick to neutral shades this summer. Opt for pretty little shades such as nude or pink. Switch your foundation out for sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer, swap your dark lip colors for tinted balms and maybe throw in a few light swatches of highlighter. Voila! You will be summer-ready.

5. Cross-body and Straw Bags

Since you are already keeping everything light and breezy this summer, make sure you do the same with your bag. We are sure you don’t want to carry around a heavy bag that is overfilled with random stuff. Line up a few of your necessities such as your phone, lip tint, sunscreen, and shades and fit them into a cute cross-body or straw bag.

If you are opting for a light cross-body bag, make sure you opt for a neutral earthy brown shade. This way, you will have a summer handbag that goes along with almost all your summer outfits. Moreover, you will even be able to make use of this bag the next year!

6. Sunglasses

Another great and effortless summer styling tip is to never forget your sunnies! Summer without some gorgeously-shaped shades that suit your face is incomplete. Sunglasses are one of the best accessories that can instantly add life to your entire summer look. The most recommended sunglasses are none other than the timeless aviators. However, before investing in any pair of shades, just make sure that they suit your face shape.

7. Don’t Forget Your Hat

Summer with hats just feels incomplete. If you don’t own a hat yet, it is probably because you have not found the correct one for yourself. Not only do hats help you make the ultimate summer fashion statement, but they also protect your face from the scorching sun. There are a variety of hats available in different sizes, shapes, and even colors. However, our summer fashion tip for you is to opt for the eternal straw hat! Straw hats never seem to go out of fashion and have stood the test of time.

8. Put on Some Jewelry

Don’t be shy to adorn some cute little jewelry pieces. The summer season is all about experimenting and accessorizing. However, we recommend opting for some light jewelry pieces in earth tones. You can wear bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc., in colors such as gold, pink or even blue. Just make sure to put away your chunky neckpieces and oversized earrings. Rather, focus your summer style on cute and light items that don’t only look good but also feel good to wear!

9. Striped Shirts and Dresses

If there were one design that would win the ‘forever-trendy’ award, it would definitely be striped. Whether thin or thick, a striped shirt or dress is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. The striped design emanates a classic vibe and is uber-easy to style.

You can opt for a flowy striped dress and pair it up with a simple pair of flip-flops, a hat, and your brown crossbody bag. Moreover, you can pair your button-down striped shirt with shorts, chinos, jeans or even some lose pants. Stripes will open up an endless number of summer-styling opportunities.


If there is one particular summer styling tip we would like to give you, it would be to avoid chasing after trends. Fashion is temporary and style is eternal. Instead of chasing after and struggling to follow the current fashion trends, find a style you are rather comfortable with— something that not only suits you but also boosts your confidence! That said, the above-mentioned summer fashion tips aren’t something that will fade away with the season. You can expect them to work well for you, year after year!


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