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The Top 5 Wedding Dress Fashion Trends For 2019

If you’re willing to dig into main trends in wedding fashion and find out what are the most popular wedding dress styles and bridal trends in 2019, look through our review and choose the one which is the most suitable for you. In the world of bridal fashion, changes from season to season can be quite slow, but some ladies consider, sparkling dresses, capes, different color wedding dresses glamorous and fashionable. Wedding dress trends are also influenced by the trends of Fashion Weeks, where clothes are a reflection of our real life at the moment; however, unlike ordinary fashion, this type of fashion can be more fantasy than reality.

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Each fashion house, designer and wedding brand has its own style, its own stylistic direction. Therefore, we see wedding dresses of all styles every year on the catwalks of Wedding Fashion Weeks and in fashion collections.

If a lady dreams of a fairy tale image the variety of A-line wedding dresses is up to her. All the elements of an A-line wedding dress enhance the effect and make a lady more attractive and charming. Seductive mermaid dresses, low neckline, understated minimalist dresses, luxurious embroidery or lace, romantic wedding dresses in bohemian and Greek styles.

Fashionable Wedding Dresses For 2019: The Main Trends

Classic style, boho style, minimalism or glam are in 2019 wedding collections. There is a huge selection for every bride. And although some of the wedding gown trends that have become classics are still relevant, for example, long lucid sleeves and three-dimensional floral embroideries, there are many new fresh trends.

Meghan Markle Mania

Everyone knew that this had to have happened: the royal wedding officially took the lion’s share of the 2019 wedding shows. Each collection considered Meghan Markle’s wedding dress by Givenchy. Thus, the 2019 wedding dress collections also include V-neck dresses, dresses with a halter-neck, and minimalist crepe silhouettes. From Cushnie and Lela Rose to Amsale and Kaviar Gauche, all the designers expressed their respect for the Duchess of Sussex and her elegant wedding dress.

And although designers refrained from creating explicit “replicas” of Meghan Markle’s dresses in their collections, many of them used her favorite V-neck in their wedding dresses.

Real Wedding Dresses

The wedding collections of spring and summer 2019 were created before Meghan Markle appeared at the chapel St. George in her iconic wedding dress. Therefore, sparkling tiaras, royal capes, classic cut, and noble fabrics – in each wedding collection there were examples inspired by the dresses of royal brides of the past and present. The newest wedding dress styles are focused on these details and they can allure brides-to-be.

Sleek Jumpsuit and Blazer

This is not the first year that we have seen sleek jumpsuits and blazers in wedding collections. And in 2019, sleek jumpsuits for brides became almost an indispensable component of any collection.

Intending to organize a reception after your wedding? Then an ideal wedding gown for you will be… a sleek jumpsuit! Fashionable wedding jumpsuits and blazers are inspired by your desire to feel relaxed and beautiful. Some extraordinary ladies prefer to wear something different from a traditional wedding dress at their own wedding. Think of a sexy jumpsuit, a deep V-neck and magnificent lace – this stylish wedding image will create an audacious atmosphere throughout the wedding.

Low Neckline

Wedding Fashion, The Top 5 Wedding Dress Fashion Trends For 2019, KoomaReebo

The low V-neck is still in fashion and seems to become lower and lower. Many wedding designers still use a virtually invisible set in the neckline and make a V-neck almost to the waist. The result: an ultra-sexy wedding look that still looks appropriate.

Cascading Skirts

Cascading skirts on wedding dresses briefly fell out of fashion; currently, they are trending to return again in their entire magnificent splendor.

What’s Important to You

New trend wedding dresses are available in varied assortments, but when choosing the most suitable gown you should consider not only its features and popularity but also your individual peculiarities and the theme of your wedding ceremony.

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