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Top 6 Smart Home Devices that Are Changing the Way We Live

Back when the technological revolution started, people didn’t stop to take it seriously. But now, technology has become so mainstream that it has altered all facets of our daily lives. In fact, people cannot even function without their technological devices anymore.

Smart technology was initially considered as a novelty probably because of its restricted capabilities. However, even though smart devices still remain far from perfect, they have improved considerably over time and transformed people’s lives exponentially. The introduction of smart home devices has made women and men’s lives easier and uber-convenient around the world. There is nothing that cannot be done at the touch of a button or well, with a smart-phone connection.

Here are the top 6 smart home devices that have made lives easier and more efficient.

1. Amazon Alexa

Want to ask or get something done? Just shout ‘Alexa.’ This little device can probably get more work done than your husband has been saying he’ll do since the past 6 months. Or at the very least, it will respond to your concerns empathetically.

What started off as a simple virtual assistant in Amazon Echo’s smart speakers, transformed into the great ‘Amazon Alexa’ or simply ‘Alexa.’ Governed by artificial intelligence technology, this amazing device can literally be your partner for life. From voice interaction to making to-do lists, providing weather updates, sports traffic updates, and even set alarms, the Amazon Alexa does it all!

Everything aside, the most precious feature of the Amazon Alexa is that it can control numerous smart devices. It can be used as a home automation system, helping other smart devices conduct various chores in your home without you having to lift a finger. If you’re looking to build a ‘smart home’ by incorporating smart AI technologies in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even the garden, then there’s no better device than Alexa.

2. Smart Refrigerators

Don’t you hate it when you go to the kitchen and find the refrigerator door open?
Don’t you feel like cursing when you want to make a smoothie for yourself but your kids used up all the ice to make a slushy?
Well, with this smart device, you won’t have to face any of these problems ever again!

A smart refrigerator alarms you when its door has been left open, when it’s running out of ice and when you have to stock up your groceries while you are at the store. Say goodbye to pulling out a milk carton only to find it empty!

Smart refrigerators are connected to your smartphone through the internet, so you can see what’s inside your fridge through your phone! You can send and receive notes that will appear on the in-built screen of your fridge. They also include some great flexible user-controlled cooling options, which you can access even when you’re far away from your home. Moreover, you can also connect your smart refrigerator’s touch screen to your smart TV, allowing you to access entertainment channels in your kitchen.

All in all, installing a smart refrigerator in your kitchen will make your life easier, especially when you are out grocery shopping, and most of all, it will entertain you!

3. Smart Sprinkler Controller

Another great smart home device that will make your life a lot easier is the Smart Sprinkler Controller. Like other smart devices, this can also be controlled via a smartphone application. Smart sprinklers are tailored to replace traditional sprinkler controllers for your in-ground sprinkler system.

Even though you can attach it to an ordinary faucet, it will be most beneficial for you if it powers the entire irrigation system of your yard. You can easily connect it to your Wi-Fi to get it up and running. The smart sprinkler control can be connected to any smart assistant, but it works well with the Amazon Alexa— you can just start and stop the machine with a simple voice command.

Here’s why the smart sprinkler controller should be a part of your life.

Auto Scheduling – Your smart sprinkler system adapts to the weather schedule before you even consider it. It helps set up your entire water scheduling for you from scratch. So, you won’t be running off to close your sprinklers when it starts raining.

Smart System – The smart sprinklers control uses numerous metrics to determine how fast the water can evaporate from your soil. It sets up and controls everything for you so you don’t need to worry about your beautiful yard.

Saves Water – All the scheduling, weather awareness, and smart tactics of your sprinkler can save a ton of water and lower your water bill.

4. Smart Washing Machines

Doing laundry can be such a hassle at times, but with a smart washing machine, you can cross your legs and watch TV only to come back to perfectly washed clothes! Like all other smart home devices, a smart washing machine is connected to your Wi-Fi. All its settings can be toggled via applications installed on your phone, tablet, or through the great Amazon Alexa.

You only need to fill in a few details and your app will choose the ideal program for your laundry. Most smart washing machines use the load of the laundry to determine the amount of water and detergent to use. Smart washing machines also offer a ton of other features depending on the model, so you should go through several features before choosing one.

5. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Gone are the days when you’d have to roam around the house with the vacuum cleaner! Say hello to the amazing smart robot vacuum cleaner, also known as Roomba! This robot vacuum cleaner automatically guides itself around your home, removing dirt with a spinning brush and a vacuum.

When you use a Roomba, all the dirt is collected in a little in-built storage bin. Roomba can ‘spin on a dime’ with its wheels constantly turning in opposite directions. It can literally clean up any space it can fit into! The only drawback of this device is that it can’t work for more than 90 minutes without being recharged. However, it is smart enough to go back into its docking station to recharge itself.

6. Smart Lighting System

Tired of closing the lights behind your kids to save electricity? Well, a smart lighting system is all you need to brighten up your life! The concept of a smart lighting system has taken the world of automation by storm as more and more people are installing in their homes.

By connecting LED bulbs to your Wi-Fi or a hub, you can control their color, warmth and brightness through a simple smartphone application and voice commands. Isn’t this the invention we’ve all been dreaming about?

Due to their amazing capability, smart bulbs are generally more expensive than the typical LED bulbs. However, they have so much more to offer in addition to their long life expectancy.


Gone are the times when women were expected to choose between managing their career and home life. With smart home devices, cleaning and taking care of the home has become a piece of cake– not a literal piece of cake, they are smart devices not magical ones.

Considering all the smart devices listed above, it’s safe to assume that they have the potential to make your life comfortable and convenient.


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