Women’s Shoes for Each Occasion

Modern women are often overwhelmed with the number of fashion choices that they must make on a daily basis. From what to wear, to makeup, and even to hairstyles, it can become very overwhelming very quickly for any woman who wants to look and feel her best. One major area that women can focus on when improving how they look and feel is their shoes. I find that choosing the right shoes for the occasion allows me to better enjoy myself and to spend less time worrying about how I look or whether or not I am comfortable. While choosing the right shoes can feel overwhelming, breaking it down by occasion makes shopping a lot easier and even fun.

Fancy Night Out or a Wedding

A great pair of heels will elongate the leg, make a woman look slimmer, and give her a huge boost of confidence. I love nude heels to go with a little black dress, or a dress of any color, as they make my legs look long and lean. One of the best pairs on the market is these high heels from Elisabet Tang. They’re incredibly sexy and slimming and look great on any woman. Since they have such a pointed heel, they’re not the best option for dancing. 

If you are going to go dancing, then I recommend a thicker heel as well as a strap that will help to hold the shoes on your feet so that you can move without worrying about them falling off. Even though these shoes have a much chunkier heel, the attractive buckle on the strap and the classic silhouette keep them from looking boring. You can check them out here, and enjoy knowing that these DailyShoes chunky heels have great reviews for not only being sexy and great for a date night out with a special person but also being comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. I call that a win-win. 

It is essential to wear a dress which matches with the shoes you are planning to wear. However, it depends upon the physic of women. A right dress and comfortable shoes will give an extra edge over to look younger and stunning.

One major area that women can focus on when improving how they look and feel is their shoes. I find that choosing the right shoes for the occasion allows me to better enjoy myself and to spend less time worrying about how I look or whether or not I am comfortable.

Spending Time Outside

Hiking up mountains and crossing rivers calls for heavy-duty hiking boots that are designed to not only be comfortable but keep your feet protected when you’re out in the wild. I love these boots from Columbia, as they not only offer great grip and stability, even when crossing wet rocks, but because they’re also breathable. Any woman who suffers from sweaty feet when wearing hiking boots will want to give these a chance, as they reduce the amount of sweating on the feet and help to wick away moisture from the skin, resulting in a much more comfortable walk.

Less strenuous hikes, such as spending time in the park or walking around on even trails don’t need hiking boots, but women will feel comfortable in durable shoes that still allow their feet to stay nice and cool. Chaco Zcloud Sandals are my favorite option for lazy days at the park. They have a super comfortable sole that prevents feet from feeling tired when walking. The straps are attractive and hold the shoe in place without rubbing. You can check them out for yourself and see why so many people love their Chaco sandals. 

Going Out with the Kids

A casual afternoon at the park or at a playdate calls for comfy shoes that are cute, easy to wear for long periods of time, and still allow you to move fast enough to get to your child quickly if there is an emergency. I know how overwhelming it can be to find the perfect shoes that will match your outfit and allow you to stay fast on your feet, but I finally found them. These ZGR Women’s Canvas Sneakers are incredibly stylish thanks to their lower top and cute black and white accents. You’ll want to pick up a pair for your next play date. 

Hitting the Gym

No matter your sport, these Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainers are a great option. They’re light enough for sprint training, but offer enough arch support that they can be worn when lifting weights, as well. The soft inner lining prevents the shoe from irritating the foot, and the breathable upper allows for your feet to stay nice and cool. I love the cushioned memory foam insole and how it conforms to my foot. 

Runners know the importance of protective shoes that offer tons of support without slowing them down, which is exactly what these Nike Revolution 4 Running Shoes are designed to do. With a durable rubber outsole for ample traction, even in wet conditions, as well as incredibly responsive cushioning, they really are a dream to run on and will make any long run feel easier than ever. You’ll want to give them a chance thanks to their lower weight, their cute style, and the impressive breathability that they offer, no matter how long you have been running. 

Running Errands All Day Long

The perfect shoe for running errands is supportive, comfortable, and stylish, which is why I love these 206 Collective Women’s Lemolo Sneakers. They come in white leather, but the rose, gray, and denim blue suede are incredibly stylish and will make you look perfectly put together, no matter what errands you are running. I think that they’re great with rolled up jeans and also look incredibly chic with shorts, which is why they look great on any woman. If you want a cute pair of sneakers that will add a little pizzazz to your everyday outfits, then you definitely need to check these out.

As you can see, there are some amazing options to consider when shopping for shoes, no matter the occasion or what you are planning to do for the day. Since each shoe works really well for certain occasions, but may not be the best fit for other activities, I strongly recommend having a few different options in your closet. I find that when I have a great selection to choose from, then I feel much more relaxed, allowing me to enjoy myself. So, spend some time shopping and invest in yourself and your feet with a few of these pairs.